Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I didn't watch President Bush's State of the Union speech yesterday. I wanted to see a realistic assessment of America's problems and plausible approaches to solving them. And I knew I wouldn't get any of that from Chimpy.

Instead, I watched a DVD from season 4 of Alias, a much better choice. Alias makes a lot more sense than anything from the Bush administration, and this was an especially choice episode. Marshall, the tech wizard, is the main character in "Tuesday" because everybody else is either under biohazard quarantine or buried alive. The episode features a novel use for a spork (even better than fomenting revolution). And it has the best lullaby EVAR:
Hush, little Mitchell, don't you cry.
Daddy's gonna teach you about lanthanides.
Cerium is first, yes it leads the way.
Hexagonal structure and it's iron gray.
Praseodymium is next and it looks like brass...


Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

A dad after my own heart. Did you ever see the Time-Life book "Matter"? It had pictures of (almost) all of the elements, with a little blurb on each. For some reason, that book fascinated me as a kid, and I managed to memorize all the elements' symbols by 3rd grade. I still know most of 'em.

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