Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Predictions 2005

Democratic donkey kickin' it

This is a little late to make an election prediction, but I haven't consumed any media today. I predict a near-sweep for the Democrats. Any race that's even vaguely close, the Democratic candidate will win. Same thing with propositions: if there's a chance for a Democratic proposition to carry, or for a Republican one to be defeated, that's what'll happen (Texas Proposition 2 will probably pass, despite the fact that as written, it wouldn't just ban gay marriage, it might prohibit all marriage.). And 2006 will be a Democratic tidal wave, like 1974, for much the same reason.

My predictions are tinged by partisan hope, and my record as a prognosticator reflects this. For example, I called the last presidential race in June 2004 for Kerry. It seemed so obvious. The Bushites frantically tried to claim Ronald Reagan's conservative mantle. But as Reagan ascended bodily into heaven, He failed to give W the necessary benediction. The way the Busheviks carried on, I expected Ronnie to say, "Well, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased." But Reagan didn't say a thing! After that, I expected the voters to realize that W was no folksy conservative, but an out-of-touch radical — and they would reject his sorry ass. Maybe I was just a little early ...


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