Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween fun!

Life is tougher for kids today than it was back in my day. Nowadays, cartoons aren't as funny, penny candy costs a nickel (or a dime!), and the Earth's gravity is a lot stronger than it used to be. But one thing has gotten a lot better: Halloween candy. Sure, there are still problems — like candy corn (In The Onion, Brach's CEO tells us that Generic Candy Corn Will Give You AIDS[*]).

Although some perils remain, Halloween candy has improved dramatically. When I was a kid, there wasn't anything a tenth as cool as "Dr. Scab's Monster Lab".
Chocolatey treats from Dr. Scab's Monster Lab.
You get chocolate versions of five different external organs: crunchy fingers, toes, and ears; peanut butter–filled lips; and fudge-filled eyeballs. Note the attention to detail on the foil wrappers: the eyeballs have several iris colors, and some of the ears have hair sticking out. And the price is pretty good, too (The link is kinda expensive, but at Jewel, Dr. Scab's confections are cheaper than Hershey or Nestle.). Even better, there is tons of other body-part snackage for young Donner Party animals.

More Halloween treats:
[*] That's really an old problem, though — all brands of candy corn cause disease. That's why flu season begins right after after the period of peak candy corn consumption.


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