Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Scratched again in a language

Tom Bozzo reports on a fun game:
It's the latest craze to hit the Internets! (Or at least it should be!) Take a phrase, use Google language tools to automatically translate it into another language, and then automatically translate the result back into the source language. (Via Oscar at The Columnist Manifesto.)
His analysis points out:
3. The French aversion to English-derived jargon implies that Googlations of French source texts will have above-average comic value.
He goes on to wonder:
There being 10 million blogs and all, I do wonder where else this might have arisen as an internet(s) meme.
Alta Vista's online implementation of Doug Adams' Babel Fish has been around since 1997. I suspect the game started up soon after.

Machine mis-translation can't beat the human variety. I offer Mark Twain's The Jumping Frog: In English. Then in French. Then Clawed Back into a Civilized Language Once More by Patient, Unremunerated Toil as the exemplar nonpareil.

In this age of miracles and wonders, the Holy Grail of machine translation has been achieved: 100% accuracy. It says, "This internet service will translate any English word, phrase or passage into English, or vice versa." And it's right. It works perfectly every time.

Here's this blog post, in an English-French-English googlation:
Reports/ratios of Tom Bozzo on a play of recreation:
It is the last mania to strike the Internets! (or at least it should be!) Take an expression, tools of language of Google of use automatically to translate it into another language, and then automatically translate the result again in the source language. (by the intermediary of Oscar to proclamation of chronicler.)
Its precise analysis:
3. The French aversion with the jargon English-derivative implies that Googlations of the French source texts will have the comic value with-top-average.
It continues to wonder:
There being 10 million blogs and all, I wonder where from other this could have emerged like same from Internet.
The execution in line of Alta Vista of fish of Babel de Doug Adams was around since 1997. I suspect play started to the top little of then.

The érronée translation of machine cannot beat the human variety. I offer jumping frog of Twain of mark: In English. Then in French. Then scratched again in a language civilized once more by Patient, hard work of Unremunerated like nonpareil exemplar.

In this age of the miracles and wonders, holy Grail of machine translation was carried out: exactitude 100%. It indicates, "this service of Internet will translate any word, English expression or passage in English, or vice versa." And it is exact. That functions each time perfectly.

Here this post of blog, in a googlation English-French-English:
Update: I can't stop playing with this. I ran the original post through all of Google's languages. The results are surprisingly poetic. It begins:
Bozzo must of phosphorus and all to show with the joy with the relations in clay language of returning it from time:
"Clay language" indeed! The whole thing is in comments.


Blogger chi_town_chica said...

In the same vein, see engrish.com for pictures and poetry such as the following:

Though it is really gratitude.
For a regular inspection to decide
as the electric business law.
It lets me be cut by electricity
in the following time zone.
Please make it cooperate though it troubles it.
Use a set [ a set telephone vessel ]
when you hope for wake up call because
alarmclock stops due to the blackout.
-- Letter found on bed of Tokyo hotel room


6:28 PM  
Blogger scott said...

Maximum Googlation: This is the original post, run through most of Google's translation filters:


Bozzo must of phosphorus and all to show with the joy with the relations in clay language of returning it from time:

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How much $$R-with the respect indicated 3 $$R-with to the analysis of the east with respect with the external part:.

It is Ing nyu the franc? You î Googlations it is born to him the basic rule, to write, know France? ssin nýss the concept which is, reached where held for him truily, disowned the value in that? the uniform? the technician of designations of the capacity does not estimate that.

He knew,:

he are perhaps already blogs 10000000, entirety those here him which he increases instead of the coarse oil of Internet collecting? (S) is same, you who knew you. }

the Vista of Asian of Doug him { ' the company in the line of the S } Adam { ' Babylon that the 1997 fish surround. Does the mistrust of competition collect, how much or this apparatus can } above { '?

It translates; that T which the modification of the person is caught. Twain of the chart } { ' resists to him or one; you offer a rest '; S of this one râ the case: English. * that zum civilizzazione to turn the fact on the this side von collecting the exemplary difficulty patient Unremunerated nonpareil this time that, which influences to take? which use this person sends to 1 by France of the language after time.

The translation of Measurer of the combination of the small flag of marking of this age receives the new star 1 Grail in Whistles of the vapor and in him vapor whistles: in a precision of the year 100%. Thought too squid ', a word? Is lithium a sure type rifinito, form England of the sentence or or has to him? there is a secondary return, "translated the service of the east which is of Internet. "} him { '; S which opens the cut. It to enter time is complete, is effective. } here { ' Ing is of English nyu the French of the S you in the direction him blog the point to write, to know googlation him,:

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