Thursday, April 21, 2005

Burning glass

Driftglass has been focusing his ire into some classic rants. I wish I could manage one post a week this good -- let alone three in a day.
Hey Moderates, Flat or Round?
... We can’t convince Fundies to stop being crazy or evil, but we can and should take every opportunity that presents itself to force the Moderates that have crawled in to bed with them to take a good, hard look at the who they’ve been canoodling with.

Want us to stop bugging you? Fine: its very, very easy. Either quit humping the rabid dog, or marry the rabid dog. But you can sure as shit forget about making electoral rabid dog Booty Calls, slinking away before sunrise and thinking that we’re not going to Gary Hart your hypocritical ass....

... since power can do what it will, the test of power is always restraint. How and when you don’t use it. That is the difference between a powerful man, and a weak man with power.

A weak man with power, wields it like a club, casually beating anyone that stands in his way to a pulp, full of a coward’s confidence that his weapon will keep him safe forever from the consequences of his stupidity....

The President of the United States, George Walker Bush, is a weak man. A weak, mean, spoiled man who has spent his much of his life dumb as a sack of lugnuts, careless, detached, knee-walking drunk into one pile of shit after another only to have Daddy and Daddy’s friends winch him out, hose him down, fill his pockets back up with cash and send him toddling along his way...

First they came for the File Clerks
Then they came for the Family Planning Clinics.

Then they came for the “activist” judges.

Happy Anniversary, Moderate Republicans!

It’s been 10 years to the day that Ultra Right Wing Hero First Class Timothy McVeigh murdered 168 Americans in your name...
Read 'em all, not just my excerpts.

Maybe he can thump some sense into the sad little heads of the "Ostrich Republicans."


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