Thursday, April 21, 2005

Penguin lust: maybe it's Berkeley Breathed's world.

It may not be Gary Larson's world. The world may belong to Berkeley Breathed. The Chicago Tribune tells a sordid tale of penguin lust.
With Zorro gone and no available male in the colony, Zurita began looking for love in the wrong places, by soliciting males already spoken for.

One ended up giving her a fertile egg, but when keepers discovered the male was Zurita's cousin, they took the egg away to avoid the dangers of inbreeding. Still, Zurita continued to look for male conquests.

"She continued to solicit males from established pairs," Broniewicz said.

When she approached a male named Popero, his mate, Bumblebee, confronted Zurita in a violent tussle.

Penguins have sharp beaks and a strong bite, and the two females went after each other's faces, trying to cut each other and pounding away with their powerful wing flippers.
If poor Zurita weren't a penguin, would her sad tale be best told in a TV drama, a country song, or an opera?


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