Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Progris report

TBogg excerpts the sekrit diaries from an intelligence amplification experiment at NRO in "Flowers for Goldberg."
NRO post day four

Today Kathrin asked me to rite about the war in Irak. I told her I didnt know anything about Irak so she told me to do some reserch. I didnt know waht reserch is so when she left I asked Rich and he told me about a thing called a bleg which is when you ask the readers to do reserch for you and then you rite your artical. I said taht didnt seem rite but he said taht if he had to do reserch he would never have time to go on Fox. I want to go on Fox somday so I can meet the Simpsons and Sean Hannity. Theyre funny.

I also met mr May. I dont think I like him. He has one of those dumb beards like that Wolf guy on CNN.
TBogg melds two voices perfectly: the earnest, mentally disabled man and Charlie Gordon.


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