Thursday, May 12, 2005

Info goodies

Technical Communication Quarterly has a hefty interview with Edward Tufte (via He talks about a lot of things, including his next book. There's some good news:
TCQ: You have a new book coming out this year: Beautiful Evidence.
But there's also some bad news. Tufte doesn't address the pubdate in his reply, but in a later answer he says:
Tufte : ... Authors are worse than home construction contractors in their stupendous optimism about when something will be done. The book is already long, and I still have quite a bit to say.
On the other hand, he's almost done. He doesn't give a date or an ISBN, but he has posted several draft chapters:
Info Goddess will love this.

She will also love free graph paper (via Boing Boing). Besides classic squares (inches or metric), there's asymmetric (for knitting), dots, iso-dots, hexagonal, hex dots, and Celtic knot. And it's customizable. There are also links to probability, log, and polar graph paper.


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