Friday, July 15, 2005

Ho ho ho

Mazda Laputa
Saucy little thing

Cookie Jill at skippytopia points out the worst car name EVAR: Laputa from Mazda. I'm sure some exec thought naming a vehicle after a floating island in a Miyazaki film was really swift, but didn't realize that it was a vulgarity in Spanish:
The "Laputa" is derived from the name of the floating island in the book Gulliver's Travels. This name was chosen to evoke images of fun, sportiness, and casualness.
Given what "La puta" means in Spanish (it's something you never call somebody's mama), some of Mazda's publicity can be read in a new light.
* Of course Laputa has an affordable price.

* Laputa is targeted at young customers, especially recent university graduates.

* Laputa provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

* And in-out easiness.

* Now Laputa comes with additional equipment.
Somehow, I don't think many consumers will buy Laputa. But it will be very popular as a rental.


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