Thursday, July 07, 2005

Supreme beings

So, Audio Goddess is going to the racetrack with some pals from work. "Do you know anything about handicapping horses?" she asks. "In Chicago, I think they use a hammer," I sez. I don't play the ponies, and it turns out my information is out of date. Your traditional blunt instrument leaves obvious marks and is too severe, besides. Nowadays, they convince recalcitrant equines with stress positions and waterboarding.

I follow politics a little more closely and feel slightly more qualified to opine on Supreme Court nominations.

Most of the field has been extensively analyzed. I strongly favor the consensus top ten picks: a combined 2/5.

Normally, I'd bet on Alberto "Abu Ghraib" Gonzales at pretty short odds. But I'm so sure a filly will win this race that I'm tempted to scratch Torture Boy. I'll leave him in, but bet him to show; to win, he's at 15/1. He's 2/1 for the Rehnquist Stakes, though.

If they hadn't just run hard races, Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown would be higher than 10/1 each.

Driftglass has a brilliant suggestion for a nominee. She's a dark horse, though: 20/1.

Russell D'Arby at The Swift Report points out that "Most Americans Back Judge Judy, Joe Brown for Supreme Court": 7/1 for Judge Judy, a combined 5/1 for all the others.

I still like my old prediction, even though it's less likely than any of the above: 1000/1.

NOTE: All odds are for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute an offer to wager. However, you are encouraged to pay Semiquark Holdings, LLC anything you like.


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