Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chronovore: Google Maps Transparencies

north Loop, Chicago
North Loop Posted by Picasa

Google Maps Transparencies is going to be one of the biggest time-eaters ever. Kokogiak has overlaid translucent Google maps onto satellite imagery. (via robot wisdom)

You get all the zoomy goodness of Google's satellite images. And you can adjust the transparency of the map layer. The image above is about 55% transparent. Zero transparency gives you a map square with no photo visible underneath. Plus, you can toggle between layers, so the main image can be a map with the photo transparently over it.

This is a great hack on the new Google Maps API. Besides being a fascinating way to lose hours, it will be a great tool for learning geography and cartography. The NGA will love this (if they don't already have something better).

Check it out.


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