Monday, August 15, 2005

Transportation insecurity

Here's some good news: The Transportation Security Administration is going to get a little more sensible about airport searches. They're looking at new regulations that will allow passengers to carry nail scissors and pocket knives. And they won't make everybody take off their shoes.

The reduced hassle will be good. And it should mean that resources are deployed more efficiently. Right now, security standards are wildly inconsistent. Major airports vary by over 2800% in how likely they are to fine passengers for carrying forbidden items. Better rules can give us less "security theater" (as Bruce Schneier has dubbed it) — and more real security.

But, this is the Shrub administration, and they'll screw it up somehow. They already have a good start. The Washington Post points out:
The proposal also would allow ice picks, throwing stars and bows and arrows on flights.
Since shuriken are illegal in many states, Trotskyites aren't the only ones who will find this a bad idea. Some toys should just stay home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the hell would you need to bring an ice pick or a throwing star on a plane anyway, for chrissakes?

Some of this stuff is absolutely ridiculous.

3:30 PM  

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