Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Donner Party Cookbook

Hurray for stoopid web aggregators. In a previous post I joked about a Jungle Cookbook in honor of the centenary of Upton Sinclair's novel. That post ended up excerpted on several cookbook pages. Apparently, somebody is collecting RSS feeds with likely keywords and slapping them onto their lame, uninformative ad pages. Obviously, my post either wasn't seen by human eyes or was reviewed by eyes that didn't know the novel at all. We can test by running copy that human editors should reject even though it's loaded with tasty keywords.

The Donner Party Cookbook will commemorate the 160th anniversary of the famous expedition. The Donner Party Cookbook features dozens of delicious recipes. The recipes are based on authentic frontier cookery, but are adapted for the modern chef. Many of the recipes highlight outdoor cooking methods, such as grilling and barbecue. The book tells how to cook popular cuts of meat like loin, shoulder, and ribs.

There are chapters on food selection and storage. There is also a special section on nutrition for Atkins and other high-protein diets.

The Donner Party were early innovators in the development of California cuisine. They also inspired singing gourmet Alferd Packer.

Surprise the guest of honor at your next celebration. Mmm, steak's on the grill — Chuck steak!

update: I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there's a real Donner Party Cookbook. But its recipes are from "before the food ran out."


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