Saturday, May 28, 2005

Walkin' the dog, walkin' the dog

Steve Gilliard talks about NYC hot dogs. Which are fine, in their place. But he went out of his way to deride the noble Chicago hot dog:

OK, can people explain one thing: why do the people of Chicago hide their hot dogs under a salad?

Driftglass corrects the record.

... Mr. Gilliard – so right about so many things – has ventured into those, sad barren lands occupied by the Vaseline-spined MSM, where false comparison suck up valuable airtime and straw men make war.

Like the debate between Creationism and Evolution, one is honor-bound to point out that there really is no debate here. On the side of all that is Good and Virtuous are Facts, Evolution and the Chicago Dogs. On the side of Perfidy are Superstition, Creationism and All Other Pretenders to the Hot Dog Throne.

Maybe Gilliard has only experienced imitations. Regional delicacies can be tough to duplicate.


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